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How To Care for Scarves


We get this question all the time:
How do I wash my scarf?

For most scarves, including satin, silk and rayon, the answer is simple!


 Just swish it in a sink of water to refresh it.  If it's dirty or has a spot on it, add a bit of liquid detergent.  We recommend Trader Joe's liquid laundry detergent.  Rinse in cool water several times.
Add a drop of liquid starch if you want it to have a little extra body.
Hang it over a towel bar to dry - takes only an hour or so. Like new!  DO NOT ever put a scarf in the DRYER!

But what if it has a spot on it?

Carefully use spot treatment to pre-treat the spot.   We recommend Fels Naptha bar soap for tough spots, but rubbing a little liquid detergent on the spot before following the instructions above usually works.  If you have having sloppy joes and get a little too sloppy, get that scarf rinsed out ASAP!

What about washing silk scarves?

If the instructions say dry clean, then we won't tell you not to; but on several occassions we have had to wash a silk scarf by hand following the above instructions.  At your own risk, gently hand wash your silk scarf.  We do not recommend using detergent, but cool water only.  Again, we have had good success, but use your own judgement. 

And can we wash a Pashmina?

 We have had success hand washing pashminas.  Gently drape over a towel bar, making sure it is even the threads line up parallel to each other.  The drying is more important that the washing on these.  Make sure you use a long enough bar....I like to hand mine on the railing in my hallway.  A shower bar is great too!

Oh no!  There is a pick in my scarf!

There are times when a thread gets pulled on a scarf, and that can be scary.  GENTLY grasp the fabric around the pick and from opposite directions, and pull, moving in a circle around the loose thread.  I like to sort of agitate the fabric to coax the thread back in.  It might not be perfect, but it will be much better!

How do I store my scarves?

If you have enough drawer space, you can fold them into small squares and stack them in a drawer.  But the preferred storage is to hang them.  Lay them over a coat hanger.  Buy a scarf hanger, with circles in it, to drape them through.  Once I took a dry-clean hanger with paper covering, and cut holes in the paper.  I threaded the scarves through the holes.  A men's tie holder will work, too!

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