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A  very helpful scarf-tying instruction book entitled, "The Knaughty Look (The Magic of Scarf Fashion)", by Lorraine E. Hammett has a wealth of scarf-tying tips and  Although it was written over 20 years ago and some of the wardrobe references could use some updating, it is still the bible of scarf-tying instructions. It also still has some really good advice on planning and managing your wardrobe. The following is an excerpt from the introduction in "The Knaughty Look" which well expresses the author's use of scarves to enhance your wardrobe. One note: The author is Canadian, ergo the spellings "colour," "honour," "jewellery," etc. Enjoy!

THE KNAUGHTY LOOK It is true to say that a wardrobe is a reflection of your fashion taste in form, fabric and colour, your degree of acceptance of the in-fashion, your clothing budget and your personality. Building a fashion wardrobe with a manageable budget needs the careful selection of your basic garments so that their style, colour and fabric can co-ordinate with each other. The basic items include jackets, coats, skirts, dresses, blouses, sweaters and shirts. [To this list, I would add suits (both skirt suits and pantsuits), jeans and/or khakis, slacks and palazzos or cocktail pants, and even shorts.] With the application of a little imagination (which we are all blessed with), you can create an attractive mix-and-match ensemble that gives you a "different look" each time you dress. But the change of look doesn't end there because it can be further enhanced and highlighted by the innovative use of your accessories selected from jewellery, belts, gloves, shoes, hosiery and hats. However, there is one accessory that can provide more versatility in look and charm than any other, and it is probably tucked away in your dresser drawer . . . . the SCARF. The Touch of Class "A stylish, adaptable, patterned apparel, the scarf can be created into more delightful modes than any singe accessory you possess. A scarf deftly tied, folded draped, pinned or twisted can add a "touch of class" to your appearance limited only by your own skill and fancy. "For me," says fashion consultant and demonstrator, Lorraine Hammett, :the scarf is a flattering and versatile fashion accessory. Creatively used it provides many changes of look to my basic wardrobe and adds exciting dimension of chic-ness at very modest cost." In selecting a scarf, it is important to blend the scarf's fabric and colours with those of the basic apparel you intend to wear. . . . Lorraine looks upon the scarf as a highlight accessory that images your emotion, feeling and sexuality for each occasion. In addition it complements and stirs admiration of you and your appearance. "Cleverly used," says Lorraine, "the scarf can draw attention away from any figure fault and center eyes on the more attractive aspects of your figure and personality."
The Scarf in History

Excerpted from The Knaughty Look by Lorraine Hammett

Coming onto the field of honour, the handsome knight on his black charger prepared for the jousting match sporting from the crown of his amour helmet the crimson silk scarf of fair Gwendolyn. from The Knights of King Arthur This vignette of ancient days sees the scarf as a personal, delicate item of favour from the gentle lady to her gallant prince. If one could return to prehistoric times and find Mr. and Mrs. Flintrock you would see that they sometimes wore a fur piece that closely resembled a scarf as it was then defined. The early definition of a scarf described a satchel held by strands of materials and slung over one shoulder. The draping of the body with cloth prevailed for centuries as fashioned by the Greeks and Romans. The Indian sari is a present day example of that kind of dress. The Assyrians introduced and favoured the SHAWL worn over a tunic. Back in the 3rd and 4th Centuries one would find the origin of the modern day wonderment, the bikini. Indeed it was really a scarf discreetly placed and fastened. . . . What's new, ladies? STOLES appeared in the 10 Century worn by both men and women. In the 14th Century the scarf as a name passed from describing a satchel to the attractive accessory known today. The original TURBAN of the 16th Century was described as a couvrechef by the Normans, a coverchief in England and later a headveil. By the 19th Century scarves were fashioned from fine materials for milady's wardrobe. Today, the scarf is as much a stylish fashion item as an accessory for warmth. By now, you will have perceived that the scarf family is identified with close relatives that include the muffler, ascot, bandana, babushka, boa as well as the above mentioned shawl, stole and turban.
All Wrapped In . . . Scarves
Here are some excerpts from FASHION: Style File in The Virginian Pilot, July 28, 2004
For women who like to tie one on, this is their summer. Tied around a ponytail, draped around the neck or knotted around the waist, scarves are one of the season's most popular accessories. Long scarves with tasseled ends and that look like they've been crocheted are popular with young women. "They see a lot of celebrities wearing them with T-shirts and jeans,"Barnes says.
Tips for wearing scarves:  Fold them thin so they don't look like bandages around your neck.  Wear printed scarves with solid color tops.  If a scarf is a bright color or print, go easy on the jewelry.  Don't wrap yourself in scarves by wearing them in your hair, [around your] waist and neck all at once.
How to clean a satin scarf

How to clean a satin scarf

 Does your Satin scarf need refreshing or cleaning?
Our satin polyester scarves are so pretty, and so fashionable!
And easy to care for! Just swish your scarf in a sink of water to refresh it. Add a drop of liquid starch if you want it to have a little extra body.
If it is really spotted or dirty, swish it first in soapy water. Hang it over a towel bar to dry - takes only an hour or so.
Like new!
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